jump on the photographerHi, we are a Husband and Wife team of wedding and event photographers, based in a little village just to the north of Tamworth, Staffordshire. We have a 10 year old daughter and though she is still at Primary School, she is showing an artistic streak so maybe we will be a family team of photographers one day!Mark’s passion for photography began at Art College. Working originally with film, he had a darkroom at home and learned photography the traditional way. Though he now loves what he can do with digital images, he still loves film.debbie the photographerDebbie always had a camera handy for any family event and enjoyed taking photos of her family unawares! When Mark set up his own Photography Business, Debbie decided to take photography qualifications so that she could join in the fun. Now years on, she too has qualifications, experience and membership of the National Photographic Society! She still likes taking photos of people unawares though! (The picture on the left shows Debs receiving flowers from the Bride and Groom).

We both love travel, friends, family, history, music, walking and our daughter Hannah!!Mark is the outdoors type and loves mountains, countryside and walking. Debbie is the outdoors type on a nice day! She loves to be by the coast. Debbie loves watching DVDs and telling you loads of trivia about the people in them! The smell of woodsmoke, summer evenings, that first mug of coffee in the morning, a nice hot bath and a good chilli!

We both love photography!!

Take a look around our website & get a little insight into the way we see the world & the style in which we like to capture it! Stage managed shots rarely work so we like to have fun and see you enjoy yourselves too! It always produces the best images. Our style is relaxed but creative but also classic & timeless.

Happy viewing!