Vicky and Adams wedding at Drayton Manor Hotel

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Drayton Manor’s new Hotel played host to the wedding of Vicky and Adam and what a great day we all had!! I spent the morning with Vicky photographing Bridal Prep which was full of laughter, tears and huge smiles!! When you have spent many months planning, preparing, hoping, praying, worrying, and fretting it can all be quite a relief when the day finally arrives! Emotions are often close to the surface but it’s all good and helps make the day special because it means so much to you and loved ones around you. Vicky and Adam had a wonderful day with family and friends and my lasting memory will always be when they sat down on the chairs at the front before the Registrar and whispered “I love you” to each other before the ceremony began. I felt like I was intruding on a private moment so I looked away but when people really love each other it warms your own heart too just to be around them!! Have a lovely honeymoon both!!!

Album online here.

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