Sarah and Rob

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When I arrived to undertake Bridal Prep at Alrewas Hayes for Sarah, I was met by a scene of organised happy chaos! You cannot expect less though when you have 6 Bridesmaids who are excited, happy and nervous all at the same time! If Sarah was feeling any butterflies at this point it didnt show. The ceremony was lovely and before we knew it we were outside in the hot sunshine! Though we took the large group photographs on the lawn of Alrewas Hayes, we soon moved everyone into the courtyard where there was more shade. The lakeside was important to both of the Happy Couple as it was where Rob had proposed so we had to photograph them there, it just had to be done! Before moving on to the Wedding Breakfast in the garden of Sarah’s parents, we were able to photograph them in a friend’s classic MG. There may not have been much room for Sarah’s dress but both she and Rob looked very much at home in the gorgeous car! We wish Sarah and Rob, all the happiness in the world as they set out into married life together!!

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